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AS IT IS, INC. was formed to commercialize the results of 40+ years of research into Automated Computational Semiosis. AS IT IS, INC. believes it can affect the next global transformation of human society by catalyzing the evolution of the old Age of Information into what will soon be a new Age of CoCreative Wisdom through Research, Development and Commercialization of Synthetic Intelligence.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Perfect A.I Enhaced Interface for Web 2.0 through Web 7.0 is Now Available

TrueThinker.com based on 40 years of research; free 30-day trial available now
BUFFALO, N.Y., December 20, 2007—You’re on a mission, collecting info from documents, old
emails, obscure websites and arcane blogs for your latest report on the state of global warming.
In the past, you gnashed your teeth over the task. But today, you’re smiling because you’re
using TrueThinker™, a new online tool that makes learning and sharing information about any
topic easier and faster because it actually learns how you manage information.
Available today at TrueThinker.com, TrueThinker
􀂃 automatically categorizes your website links, after its patented Artificial Intelligence (AI)
technology called the “AutoGnome™” learns about what data you save and how you
organize it;
􀂃 helps you manage files, RSS feeds, links, images and more and;
􀂃 allows you to share knowledge easily with–and learn from–communities of people
interested in the same topics you are, whether football, crystallography or allergies.
The TrueThinker experience includes these features:
􀂃 My TrueThinker webpage, a dashboard or homepage that you can personalize as your
portal to the Internet.
􀂃 My KnowledgeBank, where you can manually, or your AutoGnome can automatically,
store your relevant and valued information so you can find it easily.
􀂃 My Communities, where you can join or create groups of people with the same social,
business, research or other interests to share resources and hold public or private
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What’s more, you can access TrueThinker and your organized bookmarks and files from any
computer, making your accumulated knowledge on just about anything accessible from
“TrueThinker is the product of 40 years of AI-related research,” said William Dale Koehler,
president and CEO of As It Is, Inc., the company that created TrueThinker. “The result of that
research is a time-saving, frustration-reducing Internet tool that learns from your use.
Ultimately, individual users can start to train a virtual replica of themselves that finds relevant
information for them in that vast world of data we commonly call the Internet.”
A year-long subscription to TrueThinker costs $24.95. Sign up at http://www.truethinker.com
Formed in 1999, As It Is, Inc., is an intellectual capital development and holding company. The
company operates out of the State University of New York (SUNY) University at Buffalo’s
Technology Incubator in Amherst, N.Y., and has additional labs in Connecticut, Pennsylvania,
Maine and Sao Paulo, Brazil. To find out more, visit http://www.asitisinc.com.


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