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Connections #018 – Improving Performance & Profitability

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Ross Dawson is a highly-intelligent, articulate & insightful Strategy Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker and leading authority on Web 2.0, Social Networking and their applications in the business environment.

In one of the most informative & stimulating conversations I’ve had the privilege of being of being involved in, Ross examines some of the themes that have arisen in recent discussions – such as Collaboration in the Workplace & Corporate Mash-Ups.

Ross discusses in fascinating detail how leading corporations are using Social & Business Networking tools to improve their performance – and more importantly, how these applications can be used to create real competitive differentiation & profitability.

For any Corporate Manager, Technology Enthusiast or Social Entrepreneur interested in the impact of these elements on society over the next 5-10 years – this is NOT an Episode to miss!

Web 2.0 Framework
Future of Media Report 2007

Future Exploration Network
Advanced Human Technologies
‘Trends in the Living Networks’ (blog)

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