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November 25, 2006

Plagiarism By Meaning (The New York Times and Web 3.0)

Here is an entry from this blog that chronicles the coining of the term Web 3.0 on this blog in relation to the Semantic Web and AI agents and, which predated by over five (5) months the use of the term by the Ney York Times in this same context: http://evolvingtrends.wordpress.com/web-30/

Here is the Evolving Trends article that was the first article to coin, in a highly publicized way, the term Web 3.0 in the context of the Semantic Web and AI agents:


And here is the Johnny-come-lately Web 3.0 article by the New York Times that does the same thing but in a different way …


This boils down to plagiarism by meaning (as opposed to plagiarism of words, sentences, etc.)

Sort of like how the three Abrahamic religions plagiarized the meaning of each other to create competing religions from the same ideas and coinages.

Welcome to the new agent (or rather ‘age’) of decentralized religion.


The NYT article made it into the Wikipedia entry on Web 3.0 but the Wikipedia Cult/Cabal led by Jimmy Wales rejected mention of the Evolving Trends article on the basis that it is a blog entry. That is despite the fact that millions of people read it and that it defined the term Web 3.0 well before the NYT article did, in the same context. This is all while Jimmy Wales plotted his own venture that attempts to leverage the good will of the people (not to be confused with that of the corrupt Wikipedia administrators) to build a user-enhanced search engine, not that different ultimately than what was proposed in the Evolving Trends article. The two events are NOT directly connected. It’s just that being the dictator of all human knowledge (which he has clearly demonstrated by recruiting, promoting and protecting corrupt administrators that censor knowledge on arbitrary or even malicious basis) does not bode well for his effort to leverage people’s good will for his own commercial gain.

Narcissists are everywhere, but especially at the top.

It’s time to flatten the pyramid and adopt P2P and mesh technologies.

Who needs centralized media when we have blogs and who needs centralized (and censored) Wikipedia when we can have a distributed one with user-rated entries (like Google’s Knol but distributed not centralized.)

But remember that there is no wisdom to the crowd.

Only individuals are capable of wise decisions.

So remember to lead and not follow.

If you have to follow, follow your intuition.


  1. Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?

Posted by Marc Fawzi

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