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Yahoo!/Microsoft Execs Meet For Round Two

Posted by Zonk on Sunday March 16, @03:21PM
from the ready-steady-fight dept.
psychosmyth writes “Microsoft’s deal to Yahoo! is apparently back on the table. Yahoo execs met again with Microsoft early this past week to re-discuss the deal that fell through earlier. ‘The gathering, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, gave Microsoft its first chance to sell Yahoo on the rationale for the proposed marriage since the software maker unveiled its plans six weeks ago. Since then, Yang has been exploring different ways to ward off Microsoft. The alternatives have included possible alliances with Internet search and advertising leader Google Inc., News Corp.’s MySpace.com and Time Warner Inc.’s AOL.’ Microsoft is apparently still keeping all of its options open; a hostile take-over is not out of the question.”

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Yahoo Sets Bullish Financial Targets

By Shira Ovide
Word Count: 526  |  Companies Featured in This Article: Yahoo, Microsoft, Google
Yahoo Inc. sought to paint a rosy picture of its financial future as the Internet company pitches its rationale for turning down a takeover offer from Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft in February lobbed a hostile bid to buy Yahoo, a deal now worth about $42 billion. Yahoo turned away the offer as too low. In materials made public Tuesday, Yahoo offered its clearest outline yet of how the company expects to grow on its own. (Read Yahoo’s presentation.)

Yahoo plans to use the presentation as it begins about a week of meetings with its largest shareholders. The discussions essentially act as …

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