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Your slice of the web

4/19/2007 04:23:00 PM

I’ll probably visit more than 100 web pages today, and so will hundreds of millions of people. Printed and bound together, the web pages you’ll visit in just one day are probably bigger than the book sitting on your night table. Over the next month alone, that’s an entire bookcase full! The idea of having access to this virtual library of information has always fascinated me. Imagine being able to search over the full text of pages you’ve visited online and finding that one particular quote you remember reading somewhere months ago. Imagine always knowing exactly where you saw something online, like that priceless YouTube video of your friend attempting to perform dance moves from a bygone age. Better yet, imagine having this wealth of information work for you to make searching for new information easier and faster.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Web History, a new feature for Google Account users that makes it easy to view and search across the pages you’ve visited. If you remember seeing something online, you’ll be able to find it faster and from any computer with Web History. Web History lets you look back in time, revisit the sites you’ve browsed, and search over the full text of pages you’ve seen. It’s your slice of the web, at your fingertips.

How does Web History work? All you need is a Google Account and the Google Toolbar with PageRank enabled. The Toolbar, as part of your browser, helps us associate the pages you visit with your Google Account. If you’re currently a Search History user, you’ll notice that we’ve renamed Search History to Web History to reflect this new functionality. To sign up for Web History, visit http://www.google.com/history.

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Steven is your connection (1st-degree)

Steven Burda, MBA

Senior Financial Analyst ● SunGard Data Systems ● Open Networker ● 11,000+ direct connections ● burda.mba(at)gmail.com

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Why Join Groups on Linkedin? — Business AND Pleasure?

Dear Friends, Classmates, Colleagues, & Linkedin Member Community –

Being a well-connected Open Networker and loyal Linkedin member, I have created, maintained and managed several dozens of groups here on Linkedin Groups. The groups range from Alumni and Corporate association, to Networking and General Interest networks. The primary function of these groups is to get back in touch and keep contact with past/current colleagues, classmates and friends, as well as connect with other trusted individuals and interesting, innovative and trustworthy connections. Although I admit that some groups are more active than others, we do share interesting conversations, engage in strategic conversations or stimulating idea-sharing, and offer observations, advices and support to one another. Feel free to contact me or join the groups per URL below.

Link to my Group list, in six (6) .pdf pages:


Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

– Steven Burda | burda.mba @ gmail.com

P.S. In my opinion, Linkedin is the greatest asset in today’s virtual professional networking world. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns about using Linkedin to your advantage, see the FAQ section or feel free to contact me as I have couple of years under my belt in using Linkedin. I’m not affiliated with them directly, but as a dedicated member, I’d be more than happy to discuss this with you in greater detail. Have fun!

Clarification added 19 days ago:

Recently, a blog was posted by Ted Hopton, titled “Index of Groups on LinkedIn”


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William Lim is a 3rd-degree contact

William Lim


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Thank you for making your list available. I find the lack of a way to search for groups and the woefully deficient groups directory absolutely bizarre for such a “power” networking site.

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Allen Roholt {LION} AllenR@GlobalSourceIT.com is a 2nd-degree contact

Allen Roholt {LION} AllenR@GlobalSourceIT.com

Resource Manager at GlobalSource IT

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Hi Steve, thanks for the list! I just started creating groups on LI. I too find the lack of a way to search for a group to be a downfall of LI, but instead I’ll search for the types of individuals that would be in the group I want to join and see if I can find it that way.

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Brett A. Scudder is a 3rd-degree contact

Brett A. Scudder

President/CEO, The Technology Suite, Inc. / The IT Security Suite Network “TITSSN”

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Mr. Burma,

Thank you for sharing this info. Yes, the limitation of a group search is a major problem but the approval process should mitigate any conflicts if any.

I would hope that even if the search feature is not available, LinkedIn would publish an updated monthly groups list.

Keep up the good work, much appreciloved.

~Brett A. Scudder~

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Ron Graham is a 2nd-degree contact

Ron Graham

LION; Engineer, Educator, Editor of “Rhetoric for Engineers” and “start me up!”; advisor to student entrepreneurs

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I’d like to know how you manage to use groups for discussions. That would be a wonderful capability, but I can’t find it. Don’t know how you’d measure activity otherwise. Cheers!

Clarification added 27 days ago:

Steven, I know you have tried to answer this question, but I must be thick or something. I don’t get it. I see no way within LinkedIn itself to start a discussion within a Group. <snif, snivel>

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ALEXANDER MACASAET is a 3rd-degree contact


Marketing and Advertising Professional

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Linkedin is a great virtual networking tool, short of actually going out and meeting people face-to-face and exchanging business cards, this venue offers the opportunity to exchange strategic ideas with a much larger base of professionals from a variety of fields. I’ve only been a member for the past 2 months and I particularly like occasionally posting answers on the Answers page.

Definitely a great tool for someone looking for work (me!) to be seen and recognized, albeit in a virtual world. I’d like to ask you though, Steven, if you know of anyone who actually was able to get a great job simply by networking in Linkedin rather than the normal process of sending applications on the Jobs & Hiring page.

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Hailey Chamberlain is a 2nd-degree contact

Hailey Chamberlain

Business Consultant-Recruiting, Staffing, Relocation, and Employee Support

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I agree that Linkedin is an excellent networking resource to be involved in. With the steady popularity and increase in social networking popularity, Linked in fits in perfectly with the business professional networking environment. I use Linked in for connecting with current business contacts to build and develop relationships to further levels, to meet new contact opportunities and create relationships, and to create awareness within a thriving community of my own work and interests. I have had opportunities for work and expansion and met some amazing professionals. Linked in provides all of the resources that a social professional needs to be successful and to continue to grow!


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Kathie M. Thomas is a 2nd-degree contact

Kathie M. Thomas

Author, Blogger, Founder of Virtual Assistant Industry in Australia, Speaker, VA Coach

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Once I actually found groups that were active my LinkedIn experience became extremely positive.

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Aruna Dhir is a 2nd-degree contact

Aruna Dhir

Experienced Public Relations and Communications Professional

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LI is a great professional networking site, Steve. I quite agree with you. The possibilities are many. I am sure it keeps you visible, may perhaps get you an offer and stimulates you to engage yourself in healthy discussions.

While I have created a Group myself, I find myself sorely handicapped because there is no facility on LI to send a mass communique to one’s Group members, start topics or put up a discussion board.

Or is there an option and I am looking in the wrong place? Guidance of all LI pros is welcome.

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Arun Sinha is a 2nd-degree contact

Arun Sinha

(2000)*(500)LION. Corporate Transformation Mentor, Tech Recruiter, Specialist-RPO’s,Trained-ISO 27001-ISMS Lead Auditor.

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Lets ask the birds..shall we?
They do so naturally dont they?

Now dont go and retort and say no wonder they are bird brained!

They did not coin this adage….Humans did.

” Birds of the same feather flock together”


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Christopher O is a 2nd-degree contact

Christopher O

IT Consultant/Ski Professional LION MyLink500 TopLinked.com

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I don’t understand why it is hard for LinkedIn to list all the groups and make them searchable. They could just add a Google search button.

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Cher Lon Malik is a 2nd-degree contact

Cher Lon Malik

Office Manager – INFORMATICA: OPEN NETWORKER: Branson vacation home owner:

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I agree with Christopher. As a paying member, I utilize most of the networking groups and features, maintain daily activity for personal and professional reasons. I love the tool, however it seems that LI would create a tool (at least as a bonus for the high usuage fees they charge) for group communications and grouped contact communications. This would eliminate my mult tasking between programs and email accounts. Yeah, the ole “cut and paste” method is fine, but with 400+ personal contacts, this gets time consuming. In the world of technology, for goodness sake, somebody develop the integration tool and share with LI! lol

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Tim Tymchyshyn (gone to vegas) is a 2nd-degree contact

Tim Tymchyshyn (gone to vegas)

Chief Bottle Washer in the Church of the Evangelistic Unwired and LinkedIn’s Bad boy

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Steve are you saying I can have all the fun I want????!?!?!?!!?!?

I just have to find the groups that I like is all,like the flakes and the fall out flakes… hey I am in them already

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Bryan Shields is a 2nd-degree contact

Bryan Shields

Mechanical Engineer at Bridgestone Firestone

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Thank you for creating this group list. Like I’m sure many are saying I don’t understand why there isn’t a directory of LinkedIn groups especially since in order to join a group you just need to click on the logo and request permission to be added. Without starting my own group I’m definitely looking for groups that are related to organizations/individuals in my local area.


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Georgine Ward is a 3rd-degree contact

Georgine Ward

Real Estate Acquisition & Development

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Joining a group is the 1st step to great networking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m a LI ‘neophyte’ and have not found a way to open discussion within the groups I belong to other than to pose a question.

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Tyronne Clarke is a 2nd-degree contact

Tyronne Clarke

Technical Project Manager at CACI, Owner Clarke investments, 1URSelf media corp, Riverside HOA Board Director

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I think Linked is awesome; Although new ( about two weeks) I connected with a whole slew of business partners through contacts I didn’t even know I had. It’s funny how data can be reinterpreted in so many ways. I’ll never go back to old school business cards again!

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Jageshwar Tripathi is a 2nd-degree contact

Jageshwar Tripathi

Solution Architect ( open4connection@gmail.com )

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As others are saying I a also frustrated with the fact that there is no way to search for groups.
It can help you business and it is also for pleasure.

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Aaron Jones- LION- 1900+ is your connection (1st-degree)

Aaron Jones- LION- 1900+

ACTIVELY SEEKING EMPLOYMENT aaron-jones22(at)hotmail.com

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I also find it important to join groups for business and pleasure. Since joining linkedin I have met a vast number of very knowledgeable people and learned a great deal.
I had stumbled across your groups listing before, and used it to join half of the groups that I am in currently. Thanks!

Is there someone to talk to or email about linkedin groups being searcheable through the site?

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Doug Hering [LION] is your connection (1st-degree)

Doug Hering [LION]

Creative and Fun Strategic Leader with expertise in financial management, customer service, and inspiring teams

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I agree with Mr. Lim. LI needs a way to search for groups. I also get invited sometimes to groups with extremely similar names. The list should include a brief description of the group’s purpose.

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Nikhil Monga is a 2nd-degree contact

Nikhil Monga

Associate Managing Consultant at Headstrong

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This is a great work from you. I always wanted to find out all the groups that are available. can we create some kind of mechanism to enhance this list?

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